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Episode 1 - Vero Edit

Vero Plank tries to kill Solvan Mar, fails and escapes.

Episode 2 Edit

Selenis is hired to catch Vero.

Episode 3 Edit

Flashback - Sig and Vero's freighter gets hit by rocks in an old shippinglane near Tempus,

dumped there by an corporate ore-freighter, piloted by Mick.

Episode 4 Edit

Flashback - Vero's Freighter explodes, Sig dies. Vero gets revenge and escapes.

Vero gets a ride with Sil, gets off at Gabbot's claim.

Episode 5 Edit

Selenis catches Sil and tries to enter Vero's ship, but he escapes.

Episode 6 Edit

Vero made it to Pyrite, visits Mick.

Selenis got there first, shoots Mick, reveals that Mick was a clone, and wants to know what's up.

Ambush: corp troops show up, Selenis throws some bombs to cover their escape.

Episode 7 Edit

Vero escapes, notifies Auri about troops.

Passengers on space-station riot.

Selenis and Vero steal a corp ship, a fighter and escape.

Episode 8 Edit

Vero finally hacks the controls of the stolen ship, and finds the dossier about him.

Another lead: Niels, at Lode. Selenis introduces herself.

Vero flies to Lode to get Niels, talking about that ore-runand the source system of that ore.

Another ambush, led by Captain Fizer, another narrow escape.

Episode 9 Edit

Solvan Mar is unhappy with Capt. Fizer.

Vero and Selenis fly back to Tempus, find a black system,

look for a special asteroid, find a warm welcome, from Fizer, but unsuccessfully.

Mar is unhappy and not-nice, again.

Episode 10 Edit

Vero and Selenis approach the facility on the mystery asteroid, break in the door.

Fizer's ship detonates, makes a crater, reveals a holeand finally

an ancient cloning plantof the Perriman.

Discussion, fight. Selenis dies, Vero dying from radiation-poisoning...

Episode 11 - Selenis 33 Edit

Another clone awakes, #33. Infodump, Solvan Mar is at Paralt 27-2.

Selenis prepares to destroy that planet. With a fast, big ship.

Solvan escapes, with Selenis as captain.

Next up: Spacebatlle.

Selenis gets a talk with Solvan, and gets some info.

But something goes wrong.

Episode 12 - Selenis 34 Edit

Another clone, another failure.

New plans, but other plans.

Going back to Thierry. After a little qualification-test, Selenis gets a job: Kol Andiran.

Episode 13 - Selenis 35 Edit

Selenis gets back to base, prepares to do a job while on the job.

Goes for the interview, gets job, chat, meeting with boss, does a presentation.

More successful meetings. A business trip. Private meeting. Job finished. Get away.

Episode 14 - Selenis 0 Edit

Flashback: Original Selenis, early stage of her clone-project.

Episode 15 - Selenis 35 Edit

Getting a ticket to Molsov, speedy departing.

News catching up. Selenis doesn't sleep, takes care of pilot, and reward.

Arrival at Molsov. Haircut, Clothes, Ticket home.

New pilot with Hearts (but no sleep :)

Episode 16 Edit

Home again. Thierry didn't pay again.

Going for Thierry. Leads to a used starship-dealer. And another dealer, Titus.

Next rock, seedy bar. Goons. Arranging a meeting. Boarding.

Meeting Thierry. No money. Selenis takes Thierry's ship.

Episode 17 Edit

Meeting the cult Earth revival. The archive in a an oak-tree. With random access.

A final gift. A final question. Next stop: Nena's moon.

Approaching. Entering. Backup is not here. There. Was.

Episode 18 - Selenis 36 Edit

Visiting an old Mayor. Old trails.

Going for a ship. Launchinto Treban space.

Memories. Assumptions. Perriman?

Opening a hatch. Fight, with bigger guns.

Episode 19 Edit

Meeting Mrs. Treban. New job. Old memories.

Aboard a drift-miner. Introduction.

Snooping around. Getting caught.

Followers? Intruders?

Also: Colors now.

Found an Orbship, gets shot.

Episode 20 Edit

Selenis gets picked up. Memory-Scan.

Going for Thierry. Surprise and discussion.

Selenis "saves" Thierry, before killing him.

Reporting. An Oswalt ? Job finished.

Episode 21 - Selenis 37 Edit

Selenis on vacation. People. Shopping. Bartender.

Tennis. Burglars? Tennis-lesson. Missed luau.

Professionals meeting, relaxing.

Beach, Bartender, again. Jetski.

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Episode 28 Edit

Selenis is hired to steal a database.